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Elevate your music experience

Highly curated catalogue
Overflowing with personality and creative freedom. Crafted by acclaimed artists, producers, and award-winning composers from global music hubs like London, Paris, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Montréal and beyond.

Constantly refreshed
Explore new albums arriving weekly and dynamic playlists refreshed regularly. 

Artist Series
Produced by record labels artists, those Carte blanche albums unleash artistic expression.

United in creativity

Post-production experts
Our team of music consultants is committed to guiding you on your creative journey. With extensive backgrounds in music, post-production, sound editing, and more, we're here to assist.

Dedicated account managers
Think of us as an extension of your team. Reach out anytime for personalised assistance in saving time and discovering the ideal track.

Crafting original masterpieces
This is our passion. Our original music creations have adorned platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and beyond. What's your project? Let's make it a reality.

Effortless Creating

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If you are working on an Ad, a Feature Film, a documentary or any type of content, contact us and get a quote for a License that will allow you to use the music in your production. We promise it will be quick and easy! With multiple labels covering all genres, we have everything you need to elevate your content. Get in touch today!
If you create for social media, share the URLs of your videos with us to guarantee they are free from any issues or restrictions. Publish with complete confidence!

Soundtracking the world's top creative companies

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Bam Music's team is available to respond to all your brief requests.

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